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If my Love were a Fountain                                            
   O fairest among women                                                 
   How beautiful you are,                                                
   If my love were a fountain. . .                                       
   It would overflow,                                                    
   And follow to a river,                                                
   Where only you could go.                                              
   If my love were a desert,                                             
   Its touch a scorching fire,                                           
   Only you could quench                                                 
   The passions of my desire.                                            
   Ah, you are beautiful, my love;                                       
   Ah, you are beautiful, my love;                                       
   You are beautiful, my love.                                           
   Elioenai Elohiym Copyright ©2002  


Lord God let us be open to your presence,                                 
Let us be open to your love,                                              
Let us be open to your word,                                              
Let us be open to your Spirit working through us.                         
Each one of us can act as the vehicle for healing but we must always   remember that it is not we, the human individual, who performs this
act. Healing is a manifestation of the greater reality in Jesus Christ.     Who brings peace that surpasses all understanding.                        
Just as our heart reflects the real person,                               
Visions, will stir our soul,                                              
Telling your subconscience where to go,                                   
There we may reach our goal,                                              
Where we see,                                                             
And be,                                                                   
In our destiny                                                            
©2002 Elioenai Elohiym  


From my eyes I see                                                        
A man who rests in the foot of eternity                                   
Give us harmony and balance                                               
A destiny, a safe harbor                                                  
Honor is placed upon his name                                             
Etching of his excellence he will reign                                   
He walks with little fright for he knows                                  
He is prefect in God sight                                                
Where the road goes, and where the day flows                              
He fly's into the land where worries don't fright                         
He knows that God has him in his pure light                               
His beautiful smile to hide the pain that we might gain                   
His last strides into the clutches of the light                           
Taken from those who loved him dear                                       
A man that touched so many in his short time here                         
In the Hearts and Souls of many he will never be forgotten                
©2002 Elioenai Elohiym

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